Artistic Associate

Shaun Landry – San Francisco, CA

Shaun Landry (originally from Chicago) is the Artistic Director of Oui Be Negroes, Founder of The San Francisco Improv Alliance and Producer of the San Francisco Improv Festival. She is also half of the Duo of The Irish Mutts.

She has worked for The Second City Chicago Tour Company and Children's Theater, Geese Theater Company, African American Shakespeare Company and has been in the improvisational festival circuit teaching and performing at The Kansas City Improv Festival, Big Stinkin Improv Festival Austin, The Funny Women's Festival, The Miami Improv Festival, Oberlin Improv Conference, The Chicago Improv Festival, The Amsterdam Improv Festival BATS Improv Comedy Festival and has taught at universities including Stanford and Northwestern.

She can be read in the book "Whose Improv is it Anyway: Beyond the Second City" her writings can be found on the literary site The Redroom with President Barack Obama and she can be seen in the movies Read You Like a Book with Danny Glover and Karen Black as Marcia and The Award winning 2008 movie Milk with Sean Penn as Gwenn Craig. She is married to actor and improviser Hans Summers for the last 17 years.

Her Improv Philosophy is simple: Improv is a theatrical art form and all styles are embraced and should not be inclusive to one genre or specific guru. Shaun has been on the Associate Panel of CIF for three years. She got on because she is hot. She continues to stay on because she is "Old and Simmering" hot.