Artistic Associate

R. Kevin Doyle – Honolulu, HI

R. Kevin Doyle has been teaching, studying and performing improv in Honolulu, HI since 1989.  He started working under Ernest Figeuroa at the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Improv Workshop where he was part of a short lived group called "Two Men, Two Women, and Laurence."  Laurence was not amused.  In 1993, he formed Loose Screws with a number of other members of the UHM Improv Workshop.  He has been a coach and player with Loose Screws ever since.  In 2003, he was part of Ray Bumatai's short lived improvised TV show in Hawaii, Mental Tilapia.  In 2006, Doyle helped launch Improv Hawaii, a (one day) not for profit that seeks to promote and support the Hawaii improv scene.

Doyle basically approaches improv as, first and foremost, theatre.  Nearly everyone in Loose Screws comes from the local theatre scene.  Whether the show is funny or not is of secondary importance to whether the show told a good story or not.  Loose Screws performs short form, medium form and long form.  They're not picky.  Another major element of Loose Screws' work is the idea of zen improv.  In essence, it is always the goal for the show to drive the show instead of the cast driving the show.

Loose Screws is probably best known for their acclaimed (and long running) Screwbuki production, a one (and sometimes two) act Kabuki play which was featured at CIF 8 and 9.  At CIF 8, it was award "The Compass" Award for Innovation in Improvisation.  Loose Screws has also produced a number of other shows, including a Science Fiction series ("Spaced"), a Joseph Cambell inspired Hero's Journey ("Masquerade"), a musical ("Sing!") and a Power Rangers inspired J-Pop show ("Harajuku All-Girl Ninja Force.")  Doyle also directed Elizabeth Wolfe in her one woman show, "Lone Wolfe and Company."  This last year, Loose Screws created a long form generator process that allows them to develop a totally new long form show based off of a single audience suggestion.