Artistic Associate

Kerry Griffin – Toronto, Ontario; Canada

Kerry has been improvising and acting in Toronto for the last 14 years and is a 4 time Canadian Comedy Award winner, including being recently named best male improviser at the 2006 awards edition.  Kerry appears regularly with award winning improv troupes Slap Happy and Monkey Toast and is also associate producer and regular performer at the Bad Dog Theatre Company in Toronto. Kerry is also an instructor with both the Bad Dog Theatre and the Second City.

Improv in Toronto is a melting pot of styles and forms and Kerry’s improve philosophy follows that lead.  It doesn’t matter what form or style you do - longform, shortform or anything in between – it’s all improv and the foundations are still the same.  Truth, commitment and a sense of play will get you where you need to be.

Kerry has taught and directed a variety of styles including Theatresports, longform and his own patented (well not really, but maybe it could be) ‘Microprov’ which focuses on finding the scene within the most minute of details or offers.  Kerry also continues to explore different formats such as real time longform in his latest show ‘About an Hour’ at the Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto.