Artistic Associate

Billy Merritt – New York, NY

Starting in the Mecca of the improv comedy world, West Palm Beach, Billy Merritt moved to the rather quaint confines of New York City. He started teaching and performing at the National Improv Theater, until it's demise. [not his fault] Billy then met up with the Upright Citizens Brigade, took several workshop and classes with them. When they finally opened thier theater, The UCB Theater. Billy started teaching, performing, writing, producing, taking out trash, putting out fires, eating lunch, getting high, eating lunch again, you get the idea.Shows he has perfomed at the theater: The Stepfathers, The SWARM, Harold Night, ASSCATT, Piledriver, Robot TV, The SunShine Gang, Kartoon Choas, Brain Town, Immortal Combat, Omelette Vision, The Blonde Giants, Icky,and The Real Real World.

Billy Merritt trained at the National Improv Theater and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where he now teaches and directs. He has performed with the UCB's house team The Swarm for the last three years, in their hit show Slow Waltz Around Rage Mountain. Billy has made numerous appearances on Late Night With Conan O'Brien and The Upright Citizens Brigade. Billy hosted VH1's Sledgehammer, a prank show, and he is now shooting a new show for MTV called Boiling Points, which started airing in November