Artistic Associate

Anthony King – New York, NY

Anthony King is the Artistic Director of the UCB Theatre in New York City.  He has studied improvisation with the UCB Four, Armando Diaz, Bob Dassie, and others.  He has performed at the Chicago Improv Festival, performed and taught at the Toronto Improv Festival and the Carolina Comedy Festival, and performs & teaches annually at the Dirty South Improv Festival in North Carolina. 

Anthony's improv philosophy is that the game vs. relationship discussion is redundant as both are necessary for a good scene.  Our focus should be on good scenework rather than new forms - form should flow from support and what we create in the moment rather than some pre-determined, disconnected ideal.  Plot is our friend, not our goal.  And finally - the solution to any and every problem in our improv is always in either "Yes" or "And."

Anthony is a member of the UCBT Touring Company and tours from time to time with "Horatio Sanz and The Kings of Improv."  He is also member of the UCBT NY House Team REUBEN WILLIAMS, which performs on Saturday nights at 10:30pm in their show AS SEEN ON TV.