Artistic Associate

Andrew Moskos – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Andrew Moskos, the Executive Producer of Boom Chicago, spent the first half of his life in Evanston and Chicago.  He went to Northwestern University and took improv classes at IO, where he was lucky to have trained with Del Close.  In 1993, Andrew moved to Amsterdam to start Boom Chicago with two school friends and he’s never looked back. 

He starred in Boom's productions from 1993-2000, but these days, he produces and develops show concepts including Boom Chicago Saves the World (Sorry about the Mess), Live at the Leidseplein: Your Privacy is our Business, Europe: We've Created a Monster, Ironic Yanks, and Here Comes the Neighborhood.

He directed Jon Rosenfeld and Greg Shapiro's Going Down: A Comedy Show about Pessimism and the critically acclaimed Mr. America Contest about he Bush-Kerry election of 2004. Sorry about the outcome.
Andrew created Boom Chicago Video Productions in 2004 after the world-wide hit Florida Voting Machine where a John Kerry supporter accidentally votes for George Bush at an electronic voting booth.

Today BCVP makes comedy content for distribution channels like Joost, MSN, MTV, Comedy Central, AOL, Sprint Mobile, T-Mobile and corporate clients like Microsoft, Mentos and Heineken. In 2006, Brendan Hunt’s daily World Cup video series The Unlikely Fan was seen my almost one million people worldwide.  2007 will see the launch of, an entertainment website featuring Boom Chicago’s and other aggregated videos.

Artistically, Andrew is proud of his relentless focus on the audience.  A pet peeve of his is when improvers play only for themselves. That’s too self indulgent.