When is the 2015 Teen Comedy Fest?

The 2014 Festival will take place on Saturday, April 18 from 9am to 11pm.  Workshops and performances will be held throughout the day, and the evening will culminate in a performance featuring mixed groups with members selected from all troupes.

Who can participate in the Teen Comedy Fest?

Any student between the ages of 13 and 19 years of age may perform and take workshops at the Teen Comedy Fest.

Students may come from any city, state, or country (we welcome out-of-state and international applicants), and may be part of an existing troupe or may apply as an individual.

We’re a group of hilarious teens (improv, sketch, etc.) who are not affiliated with a school or organization. Can we still come to the festival?

Yes!  We welcome independent groups as well as those affiliated with a school or organization.  Do note, however, that all groups need to be represented by an adult (someone over the age of 18), and that all groups are required to bring at least one adult chaperone to the festival who will be the on-site contact in case of emergency.

What types of comedy do you accept to the festival?


Improv: We accept longform, shortform, and mixed improv comedy troupes.

Sketch: We define any pre-written, rehearsed group comedy performance as Sketch Comedy.  We ask that groups perform only material they have written themselves.

Stand-up: We define stand-up as comedy performed by one person alone on stage.  We ask that stand-ups perform material they have written themselves.

Mix/Other: We also accept applications from troupes that perform a mix of sketch and improv, or have an approach to comedy performance that we haven’t even thought of!  If you apply in this category, please be thorough in describing what you do!

Why do we need to submit a video of ourselves in performance?

Seeing your video helps us plan which groups/performers will be grouped together in the various performance slots.  When we create our performances, we like to make sure each show has a mix of styles and different types of energy.   Your video will help us get to know you a little better so we can best plan our shows!

Can we bring extra Coaches/Chaperones/Teachers/Directors?

Each group is allowed up to 2 Chaperones at no charge.  Chaperones receive free lunch and free admission to all performances, and pay a $10 per workshop fee if they wish to participate in any workshops during the day.

A group may bring additional adult chaperones at a rate of $30 per person (equal to the cost of an all-show pass).  Additional adult chaperones also receive lunch and admission to all shows for this fee.  Additional adult chaperones also pay the $10 per workshop fee if they wish to participate in any workshops.

How many Chaperones are allowed/required with each group?

Each group (or individual) needs to have at least 1 adult chaperone in attendance who remains on-site throughout the festival day in case of emergency.  The adult does not have to be a coach or director– a parent volunteer is also acceptable.

Each group is allowed up to 2 chaperones who will receive lunch and free admission to all performances without any additional charge.

Chaperones/Coaches/Directors may choose to participate in coach’s workshops and/or sit in on student workshops for a fee of $10 per workshop.

If you wish to bring more than 2 adult chaperones, there is an additional fee of $30 per person.

Do Coaches/Chaperones pay to attend?

Each group is required to bring one or two adult chaperone(s) (can be a coach, faculty adviser, or even a parent if your group is not affiliated with a school or organization).  This Chaperone must remain on site throughout the entire day to be the adult representative for your group in case of emergency.

These chaperones do not have to pay a participation fee, and will receive a free lunch and free admission to all performances at no charge.

If your Chaperone would like to participate in coaches workshops or sit in on student workshops there will be a $10 per workshop fee.

When are participation fees due?

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your total registration fees is due by March 1, 2015.

The balance of your participation fees is due by April 1, 2015.

If you have any change in registration between the time you make your deposit and pay your balance due, the adjustment will be made when you pay the balance due on April 15.

What does the Participation Fee include?

For the $75 participation fee, each student will receive a minimum of three workshops, a free lunch, and free admission to all performances.  The participation fee is used to pay the professionals who provide workshop instruction as well as cover the cost of lunch and production staff for performances.

What workshops will be offered?

We are still building the menu of workshops for 2015.

Previous year’s workshops have included Character Development, Sketch Comedy Writing, Freestyle Rap, Musical Improv, Creating Your Own Games, Finding Your Stand-Up Style, Ensemble-Building, and more!

We also offer workshops for teachers, chaperones, and coaches throughout the day.

How much are tickets to shows?

Tickets to a single show are $15 for adults, $10 for students.

All-show passes are available for $30 for adults, $20 for students.

Students who are participating in the festival, their Director/Coach, and one Chaperone per group receive free tickets to all shows.

How long will our performance be?

Performance slots will be 15 to 30 minutes long for Sketch and Improv, 5 to 10 minutes long for Stand-Up Comedy.  Performance length will be assigned based on the number of groups participating in the festival and the size, format, and experience level of your group.