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The Collage is exactly what it sounds like – a ‘collage’ of styles and forms that you’ll see throughout the show. It’s just like those crazy craft projects your mom saved from fifth grade. The Collage is an intriguing blend of short and long-form that slowly amalgamates, from a series of seemingly-unrelated scenes, into a thematic piece before your eyes. The Collage was originally created and performed by Chicago’s Stone Soup during the mid ‘80’s when Chicago Improv Productions’ executive director Jonathan Pitts was then part of that ensemble. “I love doing this form. With its fast and ever-changing fusion of styles, I feel like it really fits today’s culture even more than it did back then. Every style of play fits into this formless form as our cast members utilize different moves and tones in this very audience friendly show.”

 Fresh off a successful summer run at The Second City Donny’s Skybox, The Compass Improv Festival in St. Louis, The C-U Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival and Omaha Improv Festival, The Collage can next be seen at the following venue:

The Second City’s Donny’s Skybox

February 7- March 28

Saturdays at 9pm

Interested in booking The Collage for your University/Library/Theatre/Anything? (we do it all) Contact Lauren Pizzi at

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