World Tales


Chicago Improv Productions is proud to present the 5th season of World Tales, an original and charming 45 minute theatre performance of three folk tales from the continents of Africa, Asia, and South America.

The diverse company of actors employ story theatre techniques to bring these funny and magical stories to life with the creative use of long wooden sticks, multi-colored cloths, and hand-held musical instruments. Wrapping up the fascinating presentation to a wonderful close, the cast plays a group improvisational storytelling game based on a suggestion taken from the audience.

The two adapted folk-tales are “The Dreaming Tree” from Brazil, and “Where Stories Come From” from a traditional Zulu story. All two folk-tales tie into a larger theme of stories, storytellers, and storytelling.

World Tales currently tours for Urban Gateways, and the production features an ensemble of four professional theatre actors. World Tales is created and directed by Jonathan Pitts.

To book a World Tales performance at your event, please call the Chicago Improv Productions office at (773)875-6616 or email:

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