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CIP Presents Chicago Improv Touring Company!

Chicago improv Touring Company








Chicago Improv Productions is ready to hit the road with Chicago Improv Touring Company!  A rotating ensemble of six improvisors will deliver CIPTC’s signature form, “The Collage”, to theaters, colleges, and assorted venues throughout the midwest.  This unique performance is a hybrid of long form techniques and short form games.  The result is a highly entertaining syntheses that audiences love!

CIP Welcomes Jeremy Schaefer!

Chicago Improv Productions is happy to introduce our new education director, Jeremy Schaefer.

Jeremy Schaefer Head Shot_face0

Jeremy is no stranger to CIP.  As an improvisor, teaching artist, and emcee, he has been part of the team since 2006.  This August he stepped into the role of Education Director, and couldn’t be happier about it

Jeremy’s belief that improvisation is a tremendously powerful tool for educators is integral to his approach to the craft.  He leads improv classes for all ages at The Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, tours interactive storytelling assemblies through Urban Gateways, facilitates workshops, trainings, and social issues performances for Imagination Theater, and has performed in each of Chicago Improv Productions’ numerous outreach programs.

He is passionate about sharing improvisation as both an art form and life philosophy with eager students throughout the state.

If you have questions about how to bring Chicago Improv Productions to your students, give him a call (773) 599-3084, or drop him a line at