CIP At Arts Midwest

Chicago Improv Productions at 2015 Arts Midwest Conference!

CIP is headed to this years’ Arts Midwest Conference to showcase The Collage, The Make ‘Em Ups and to produce The Chicago Room! September 10-12 in Kansas City!

Info on the Chicago Room
The Chicago Room is the brainchild of CIP’s Executive Director, Jonathan Pitts. His vision is an independent showcase where we will present Chicago’s finest performers of all disciplines. In the Chicago Room you will find dance, musical theater, Kung Fu, comedy, Shakespeare and of course, improv! Each act will play both Thursday and Friday evenings in the same time slots.

If you will be attending the conference, the Chicago Room will be located in the Marriott Downtown’s Bennie Moten Room. During the day, please visit our booth 425B to learn more about the talent listed below. Please join us for two wonderfully engaging evenings of performance, Chi-Town Style. If you have any questions or would like more information on Chicago Improv Productions, please contact our general manager, Lauren Pizzi at




Acts performing in the Chicago Room:


Chicago Dance Crash: (10:30-10:45pm) Chicago Dance Crash has emerged as a critical staple of the Chicago scene, engaging audiences and broadening the exposure of contemporary dance. With a unique union of styles both classic and contemporary, including ballet, capoeira, breakdance, acrobatics, and contemporary dance.
Check out a video of their performances here:

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Chicago Improv Productions: (9:30-9:45, 11-11:15pm) Chicago Improv Productions presents: The Collage & The Make ‘Em Ups. Created and directed by Jonathan Pitts, the Collage is an intriguing blend of short form and long form improvisation that slowly amalgamates from a series of seemingly unrelated scenes to fully formed theatrical experience. The Make ‘Em Ups is a hilarious, engaging and educational show for kids teaching the basics of improv with an opportunity to join the fun.
Check out The Make Em Up’s here:
Watch a performance of The Collage here:




Kumate: (9:45-10pm) Kumate is a one man Kung Fu original comedy created and performed by Ryan Williams incorporating multiple characters, sound effects and the traditional pan flute!



Laser Comedy Show: (11:45-Midnight) The one of a kind, Laser Comedy Show is a mesmerizing, story telling experience. Performing artist Chris Fair uses Laser Reactive Technology to draw characters and scenery with a cinematic sense on a glow in the dark screen, which the lines fade in moments like a high tech etch-a-sketch.
Watch a video of The Laser Comedy Show:


Mr and Mrs. Smith Comedy: (10:45-11pm) Mr and Mrs Smith Comedy features married couple Ramon Smith and Leah Eva. The  show is combination of Stand Up, Sketch Comedy and Musical Parody. A variety show with a twist.

My Solo Show of All Duets: (10:30-10:45pm) Rebecca Sohn is Shirley Lame (pronounced la-MAY), a delusional diva bent on singing ALL the roles in her favorite Broadway musicals. Accompanied/enabled by TJ Shanoff and directed by Rich Sohn, this show will make you laugh till your face hurts.

Nuns4Fun Entertainment: (10-10:15pm)presents Bible Bingo (Thurs) & Christmas Bingo (Fri)
Nuns4Fun Entertainment produces the best religious comedies in Chicago and Everywhere. Clean humor. Great for theaters, fundraisers and corporate events.



Pimprov: (11:15-11:30pm) You’ve seen the flashy suits and jewelry so bright that a blind man can see it shining. Now ask yourself “who is more entertaining than a pimp?” Pimprov revolves around four pimps who took improv classes…on accident. The group’s lack of political correctness and outrageous costumes are only part of the reason they’re growing in popularity. The other reason is they’re really funny.
Watch a highlight reel here:


The Three Stoogemigos Theatre Company: (11:30-11:45pm) These guys present the Bards greatest works in a fast and furious pace, playing all of the characters with all of the high drama and low bawdy humor. Not to be missed!