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Complete schedule of shows announced

Chicago, Ill. – Chicago Improv Festival Productions is pleased to announce that Dan Harmon, creator of the TV show Community, and Scott Adsit (30 Rock, Big Hero 6) will be headlining the 20th annual Chicago Improv Festival, happening March 27-April 2.

Harmon, who studied improvisation at ComedySportz in Milwaukee before heading to Los Angeles to become a sitcom writer, will be performing a live version of his popular podcast, Harmontown, on Saturday, April 1 at 7:30 p.m. at The Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport Ave.

Adsit, who is best known for his role as Pete Hornberger on 30 Rock, is a native of Northbrook, and studied improv at Columbia College in Chicago before joining Second City Mainstage in 1994. He appeared in several revues, including Paradigm Lost, for which he won a Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actor in a Comedy.

He will be receiving a Spotlight Award at the festival and performing in two shows: in Messing with a Friend with Susan Messing and Kevin Dorff on Thursday, March 30 at 10:30 p.m. at The Annoyance Theatre, and with Mama’s Boy, featuring Nancy Hayden and Jaime Moyer, both alumni of Second City Detroit, on Friday, March 31 at 9 p.m. at Stage 773.

Other headlining shows will include:

  • Antoine McKay and Friends Antoine McKay, a former Second City mainstage cast member who is a regular on Empire, performs with some local improv luminaries.
  • Frangela Frances Callier and Angela Shelton are pop-culture pundits on NBC’s The Today Show and Dateline, Fox’s Mike and Juliet Show, CNN’s Showbiz Tonight and Headline News and Fox News’s Red Eye and The Big Story, MSN’s The Big Debate, and are regular contributors on NPR’s Day to Day and Off Ramp.
  • Katie Rich and Holly Laurent – Former SNL writer Katie Rich teams up with Holly Laurent, a fellow alumni of the Second City Mainstage, in this two-person improv show.
  • Mama’s Boy – Featuring Nancy Hayden and Jaime Moyer, both alumni of Second City Detroit, with Scott Adsit of 30 Rock.
  • Messing with a Friend – Local improv legend Susan Messing performs her weekly improv show with special guests Scott Adsit and Kevin Dorff.
  • Sheldon – A two-person improv group featuring Rob Belushi (How I Met Your Mother, Sorority Row) and Jon Barinholtz (Superstore). 
  • Slotnick, Katz and Lehr – Featuring Broadway actor Joey Slotnick, Steppenwolf and Goodman Theatre actress Lauren Katz and TV sitcom writer John Lehr.
  • Two MoreKevin Dorff, former writer for the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and alumni of the Second City Mainstage, will Chicago improv icon TJ Jagodowski for a long-form improv show.

In all, this year’s festival will also welcome more than 145 improv groups from all over the United States, as well Canada and India performing a wide variety of improv styles, including musical, dramatic, two-person shows, and more.

Shows will be held at Stage 773, the Athenaeum Theatre, The Annoyance Theatre, Second City’s e.t.c. Theater.


DATES: March 27-April 2
TICKETS: Ticket prices range from $5-$35. For details, visit

The complete schedule of shows is as follows (subject to change)


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: Cat Booty, The League of Improv Heroes
8 p.m.: Stir Friday Night, Improv Bangalore
9 p.m.: The Boys

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Jackson Soup, Early Bird Special
8 p.m.: Slotnick, Katz & Lehr
9 p.m.: 3Peat


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: Out da Box, Joke Zero
8 p.m.: Whine Night, 45 Kings, Nixon’s Neverland
9 p.m.: Red Light School District, FAKE

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
7 p.m.: ASM All-Star Alumni, Glittoris, Latchkey Kid
8 p.m.: Take Out, Whip Country, The Unprofessionals
9 p.m.: Passionate Mom Society, AC Unit

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: LOL Chicago, #flip_squad, The Crowd
8 p.m.: Love Stories, Real Housewives of Improv
9 p.m.: Tricky Mickey, Women on Top

Second City e.t.c. Theater
8 p.m.: SIRENS, Frangela


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
            8 p.m.: Seven, Jenner
9 p.m.: Velvet Stallion, Crank
10 p.m.: Eyes Cold, SHAT on You

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
8 p.m.: Kaiser Presidente, Gummy Bear
9 p.m.: Queen Daddy, The Potato Farmers

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
8 p.m.: Improv Bangalore, Justin Trudeau Will Save Us All
9 p.m.: Jendan, SCRAM
10 p.m.: Play

Second City’s e.t.c. Theater
8 p.m.: Virgin Daiquris, Katie Rich & Holly Laurent


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: 98.6, Improv Bangalore
8 p.m.: Stacks, Matt Damon Improv
9 p.m.: Graffiti on the 4th Wall, Feline Fighter Pilots
10 p.m.: Bastards of the Underground Featuring Jamprov

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
7 p.m.: Interrobang, Super Palindrome
8 p.m.: Atomic Barbie, Part Dog
9 p.m.: Fencing Queenz, Pale Gale
10 p.m.: Smeared Inc., Oedipus Lex Luther

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Improv Nerd with Jaime Moyer
8 p.m.: Pasquesi, Napier and Adsit
9 p.m.: Bob Fisher’s Improv, Mullaney Chain

The Annoyance Theatre
10:30 p.m.: Messing with a Friend with Kevin Dorff & Scott Adsit


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: 2h Club, Prettier Than You
8 p.m.: Grim Diesel, Valid Hysterial
9 p.m.: Fisticuffs, I’m a Turtle
10 p.m.: Burnside, All Girl Revue
11 p.m.: Moonsharks, Ben Jones

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
7 p.m.: Listen Stupid, Jack and The Wolf
8 p.m.: Twinz, Lady Mars
9 p.m.: B&B, Chairs
10 p.m.: B.E.T.H
11 p.m.: Uncle Bri Bri & Pops, Gnar Gnar, Shredtown

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Jimmy & Johnnie & Dee, Liss N’ Sams
8 p.m.: SHELDON
9 p.m.: Mama’s Boy with Scott Adsit
10 p.m.: Antoine McKay & Friends, Dual Exhaust
11 p.m.: Weaseliscious

Athenaeum Theatre 1
7 p.m.: Silent J, RejecTED Talks
8 p.m.: Improvised Marvel, Improvised Jane Austen
9 p.m.: Improvised Sketch Show, Big Fire
10 p.m.: Zip Up Monster Suits, Laser Comedy Show
11 p.m.: Back Home, Preach

Athenaeum Theatre 3
7 p.m.: Rhyme and Punishment, FST Improv
8 p.m.: The 88s, Improv Boston
9 p.m.: Shrieking Harpies, Liz & Lou
10 p.m.: Los Improviachis, Cat Lady
11 p.m.: Vamp, Anarchy


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
7 p.m.: Love Onion, Skort
8 p.m.: The Babies, Rainstick
9 p.m.: Madeline, Barbara Brice
10 p.m.: LL Cool Beans, Eaves
11 p.m.: Minority Re’port, Bacon Wrapped Date Night

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
2 p.m.: Godda Kush, Flower Shop Bangers, Dan 7 Kate’s Book Club
3 p.m.: WWF Improv; 12 Eyes; Hulk Spanx
4 p.m.: Space Jem, Pardon Our Parody (POP) 80’s, The Tony Stanzas
5 p.m.: McGarnackle, Spermint, Mojo
7 p.m.: Ophelia’s Rope, Ginger Price
8 p.m.: Book Club, Sheila’s Sister
9 p.m.: Side Pickle, Shades of Gray
10 p.m.: Diorama, Solid Gold Duets
11 p.m.: The Wunderkidz, The Alphabits

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
7 p.m.: Adsit & You
8 p.m.: SHELDON
9 p.m.: Two More
10 p.m.: Judy Fabjance Celebration
11 p.m.: BASSPROV with special guest Jeff Davis

Athenaeum Theatre Mainstage
7:30 p.m.: Harmontown

Athenaeum Theatre 1
3 p.m.: Improvised Sondheim
7 p.m.: Debbie Downer, Improvised Sitcom
8 p.m.: Damaged Goods, Fear the Dreamer
9 p.m.: Magical Lying Hour, The Stuntmen
10 p.m.: This Just In: An Improvised News Show, Spuds & Stouts
11 p.m.: Remote Possibilities, Scream Theater

Athenaeum Theatre 3
7 p.m.: Buzz’s Girlfriend, The Windbreakers
8 p.m.: Alamo City Improv, Dishwater Blondes
9 p.m.: Pumps, EbonyEssenceJet
10 p.m.: HugSquared, Natalie Peeples and the Rattlers
11 p.m.: Bearded Men, Pimprov


Stage 773 (Box Theater)
3 p.m.: Code Red Vines, Spontaneous Combustion
8 p.m.: That’s No Movie, Lady Jam Sandwich

Stage 773 (Cab Theater)
3-6 p.m.: Indie Teams
8 p.m.: Fack Buddies, Hope & Claude

Stage 773 (Pro Theater)
8 p.m.: BASSPROV with special guest Ed Furman

About The Chicago Improv Festival

The Chicago Improv Festival was co-founded by Jonathan Pitts and Frances Callier in 1998 as an educational forum. The festival teaches the art of improv, the history of and the potential for innovation within the art form to students of the craft, professional improv artists and the public. While other improv festivals exist around the world, the Chicago Improv Festival is the only festival that has been created solely for the purposes of documenting, promoting and teaching improv as an art form. The founding of the organization in Chicago, speaks to the organization’s commitment to the legacy of improv and promoting that legacy to others. CIF is now seen as the largest and most prestigious improv festival in the world, as well as a model for other improv fests.

To schedule an interview with one of the artistic directors or performers, please contact Lauren Carrane at 954-554-0336 or email