Mission Statement

Chicago Improv Productions’ mission is to celebrate the present, honor the past, and showcase the future of improvisational theatre, in all of its multi-disciplinary expressions, through local, regional, national, and international perspectives; by presenting and producing performances and workshops for both the general public and practicing improvisational theatre artists.

Chicago Improv Festival Awards

Lifetime Achievement:

Andrew Alexander; Dick Blasucci; Del Close; Severn Darden; Martin DeMaat; Don DePollo; Joe Flaherty; Charna Halpern; Fred Kaz; Tim Kazurinsky; Mina Kolb; Laraine Newman; Sheldon Patinkin; Dan Patterson; Byrne Piven; Joyce Piven; Josephine Raciti-Forsberg; Harold Ramis; Bernie Sahlins; Dick Schaal; Avery Schreiber; David Shepherd; Paul Sills; Joyce Sloane; Viola Spolin; Eugene Troobnick; Fred Willard

Ensemble of the Year:

Annoyance Theater; Beer Shark Mice; The Improvised Shakespeare Company; Key & Peele; TJ & Dave; Upright Citizens Brigade

Improviser of the Year:

Dan Castellaneta; Adam McKay; Susan Messing; Colin Mochrie; Stephnie Wier


Alan Barinholtz; Frances Callier; George Earle; David Fink; Claire Geall; Schadenfreude

50th Anniversary Recognitions:

The Compass; The Playwright’s Theatre Club; The Second City

Chicago Improv Productions’ 2008 Statistics (12/23/08)

In 2008, CIP produced 124 performances, which were seen by 15,017 people. The populations served were 72% European-American, 21% African-American, and 7% Latino-American.

In 2008, CIP showcased over 600 improvisers in performance. The improvisers were professionals, semi-pros, college students, high school students and grammar school students.

In 2008, CIP taught 34 workshops and 621 students participated. The ages served were 6% grammar school students, 69% high school students, 4% college students, and 21% adult students.

In 2008, CIP presented 10 different original programs (All-State Improv Team; Chicago Improv Festival; CIF Preview; College Improv Tournament; Holiday Storybox; Ridge Park Summer Theatre Camp; Storybox; Storybox For Kids; Teen Comedy Fest; World Tales).

Chicago Improv Productions, NFP:

Chicago Improv Productions NFP is an Illinois not-for profit arts organization, with a 501(C)(3) granted from the IRS under its original organizational name “Chicago Improv Festival”. It also does business as “Chicago Improv Foundation” and “Chicago Improv Productions”.

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    Do you have college improv teams around the nation that compete? Is this a network or just an event. I work for San Diego Christian College in Southern California and we are trying to find an organization for improv in order to compete. Any information would be great. Thank you.

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